Efutura Partners

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Our Vision

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Partnering with eFutura is not like working with any other 3rd party company. We offer the best services and tool sets at little to no cost. We understand as a business owner you want the best without the overhead cost most agencies and services charge.

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Market Place

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We can handle any type of business model to offer the best solutions. When you sign up you receive a free profile.

  • Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Digital Media (Music & Videos)
  • Digital Tickets
  • Bookings (Hotels & Services)
  • Billing

Each profile has business hours, social media icons, seo ranking, vacation mode, warranties and returns and best of all is you can create your own policies to operate your business as needed. You can manage your inventory or let us do it for you.

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Free External Website

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Want more? We also offer free web designs to a domain of your own with as many pages as you need with many advanced features that we use.

Voice Assistant

Every website needs a voice. We extend our virtual assistant to meet your needs with custom commands for your users. These are skills and everything your voice assistant learns ours will also learn for better service and vice versa.

Dark Mode

We believe that how a person sees a page means they will either quickly browse or really look at content. All websites have a toggle switch to change your theme from light to dark. This will help alleviate eye straining.

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Point of Sale

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Each external website with in our network will also receive point of sale software. It will fit any business model.

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Between your store profile, your website and your point of sale we provide complete synchronization among the 3. No matter how you upload your products it will publish in all 3 locations and keep your inventory in sync automatically.

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Digital Wallet

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Every member that signs up on our website or yours will have an integrated wallet that works for any website on the network.

Members that shop in store will also have a scan-able card that pulls up their account, apply all your store discounts and pays in one swipe.

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We offer advertisement at minimal cost. When you make an ad on Efutura it will circulate among all websites that we design and has geo targeting capabilities and cookie cache to find the most opportune times to show your ad.

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We can deliver anything.

We have a program to deliver same day products to your loyal local customers and we will pick up the packages from your store and bring it to shipping companies for anything out of town.

We will collect these fees and pay the delivery driver or the shipping fees to get your product where it needs to be.

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Working towards a better future for tomorrow

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Understanding our business model is simple. We want to offer any type of service for the ultimate consumer experience with the best exposure to all brick and mortar services. We have evaluated many 3rd party companies and see the damages for both business and consumers so we work on the balance for an optimal solution with complete ease and synchronicity.


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