Gigi Hadid Shares Rare Khai, Zayn, And Pregnancy Photos

Well, Gigi just asked her followers to suggest dates that she could post photos from — and it led to lots of rare pics of her new family life.

Gigi Hadid / Via Instagram: @gigihadid

If I tried doing this challenge, it would mostly be bored selfies and sad-looking dinners from the past year.

There were photos of Gigi during her pregnancy:

And this one, taken shortly before Gigi gave birth:

Next, there were a couple of subtle shots of Zayn:

Next, there were a few pics of Khai — including her smol feet:

And her adorable playroom:

Gigi Hadid / Via Instagram: @gigihadid

I wish there was a feasible way to have a me-size ball pit in my apartment.

And her personalized Tommy Hilfiger, which sounds about right for the child of Gigi and Zayn:

Anyway, naptime’s over!

So, there you have it! A glimpse into the life of a celeb baby (I’m still jealous of that ball pit)! Congrats to the beautiful couple and their (surely adorable) baby!

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